Tire Strategy Edit

Dry Tires (Slicks) Edit

Ultra Soft (Purple) Edit

Very high speed, very low durability

Super Soft (Red) Edit

High speed, low durability

Soft (Yellow) Edit

Above average speed, below average durability

Medium (White) Edit

Average speed, average durability

Hard (Orange) Edit

Below average speed, best durability

Wet Tires (Grooved) Edit

Intermediate (Green) Edit

Used for little to moderate rain condition.

When wet level is within range alphabet "o" and just before "k" in the "water on track" text, the intermediate tyres work best, however just before "o" seem to give you little advantage over slick tyres.

Wet (Blue) Edit

Only for heavy rain condition.

Wet tyres are not very often used and when it is used in an intermediate tyre range; the car performance is impacted very negatively.

The effective range of wet tyres are between "k" (k meaning just below alphabet "k" in "water on track" text) to the end of the gauge.

Fuel Strategy Edit

(These numbers are a rough guide and have various modifiers which can and will affect the actual returns)

Super Overtake (Pink) - A level beyond that of Overtake, only available as a mechanic knowledge perk.

Overtake (Red) - Uses 1.5 Laps of fuel (per fuel gauge) for each driven lap

High (Orange) - Uses 1.25 Laps of fuel (per fuel gauge) for each driven lap

Medium (Yellow) - Uses 1.0 Lap of fuel (per fuel gauge) for each driven lap

Low (Blue) - Uses 0.85 Laps of fuel (per fuel gauge) for each driven lap

19Ltrs per 100kms E85 Perfomance Fuel

Fuel manufacturer chosen during pre-season car construction definitely affects fuel efficiency. There are certainly other less obvious things which also have an impact on fuel efficiency.