Sponsors are one of the most important financial sources. Each sponsor has a Upfront Payment value, which you will get instantly when the contract is signed. The amount of money you get is depending on your sponsor appeal level, which is depending on your Marketability.

Stars Marketability

*You also need to have a Helipad built in the HQ.

Race Bonus Sponsors Edit

"These three slots are for sponsors who offer Race Bonuses. Each race you will be able to pick one sponsor's bonus objective. If you manage to hit the bonus you will win the money.

Each of the slots has a different difficulty depending on your progress.

  • Slot 1 sponsors are the easiest to achieve (place 16+), butSlot 3 sponsors are the hardest to achieve (place 1 and 2), but will yield the most money
  • Slot 5 sponsors are in between (place 4 to 9)

It is useful to focus on one Slot having a high Bonus Pool and the other two having a high Upfront Payment since you can only choose one objective.

Fixed Payment Sponsors Edit

"These three sponsor slots are for offering Fixed Payments. These sponsors will pay the specific amount after each race, regardless of the result. Some fixed payment sponsors will give you all of the money upfront. This can be useful if you need the funds immediately but does tend to be less profitable in the long term."