Predator Racing Group
Team Information
Base 22px Australia
Series European Racing Series
Chairman 22px Darren Luff
Value £77,000,000
Fan Base 0.7 Million
Starting Stats
Budget £250,000
HQ Cars Drivers
0.2/5 0.2/5 0.2/5
Expectation 10th
Pressure Low

The Predator Racing Group, frequently shortened to Predator, is a team in Motorsport Manager, competing in the European Racing Series at the start of each campaign. Predator, based in Australia, are the weakest ranked team in the game, having the smallest budget, weakest car, worst HQ and lowest ranked driver line up, factors which associate the team with The Underdog Challenge.


Predator start a new career as the new boys in the European Racing Series, devoid of experience and major funding, leading to a close knit team. Yet, the team are identified as having fantastic potential, with young drivers and staff all having the potential to develop.

Starting StatsEdit

As the team with the smallest starting budget in the game, Predator have the poorest stats of any team, leaving a new manager with a very low expected finish of 10th.


Predator start the campaign with two facilities, the Factory and the Design Centre, both of which are at level one.


At the start of a new career, Predator are assigned three drivers: Ines Santa Ana, William Evans and Katie Linares. Of the trio, Santa Ana is the highest rated at 2.1 stars, although she is considered to be on Equal status with the 0.9 star Evans. Linares starts the season as the reserve driver, rated slightly lower than Evans, and with only ten months on her contract.

Name Status Rating Marketability
Template:ARG Ines Santa Ana Equal 2.1/5 2%
22px Williams Evans Equal 0.9/5 27%
22px Katie Linares Reserve 0.9/5 16%


Due to their low ranking at the start of the opening season, Predator are ranked tenth across every developable part. The car also has relatively low base stats, rated 1/5 in improvability, 0.5/5 in tyre heating, 1.5/5 in fuel efficiency, and 0.9/5 in tyre wear.


Chairman Darren Luff has very low expectations for his team during the opening season, fully expecting the team to end the year bottom of the pile in the European Racing Series. Scout Aaron Burgess believes that the drivers are not among the strongest in the series, but have potential to be front runners given time. The rest of the crew consist of young Lead Designer Charlotte Williams and Race Mechanics Tom Woodbridge and Oscar Deveritt, all of whom can improve to three stars or beyond.


Predator start the opening season with two sponsors signed: Carne Blanco and Rogerson Ales. Their marketability ranking starts the season at 16.7%.