Panther Racing Team
Team Information
Base Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Series World Motorsport Championship
Chairman Flag of the United States Lana Kendrick
Fan Base 21 Million
Starting Stats
Budget £6,000,000
HQ Cars Drivers
0/5 0/5 4.2/5
Expectation 3rd
Pressure High

Panther Racing Team, frequently shortened to Panther, are a British racing team competing in the World Motorsport Championship.

They are heavily based on Red Bull Racing.

When starting a career with Panther Racing, your budget it 6,000,000 pounds 6th biggest out of 10 teams but still above average. The highest ranked Staff. Third highest ranked Car. Driver Zoe Sharp and Nicolai Surikov both have 5 out of 5 Star potential so even if you aren't a fan of one of them keep them on and keep them happy and they will reward you.