Mechanics stat screen

Race Mechanics have multiple roles during and outside the race, their stats will dictate how well they will fare during pit stops and how fast they can improve parts when not racing.

Mechanics Stats Edit

Mechanics have 6 different stats, 3 of them affect how well they will do during the race while the other 3 are outside of the race.

Race/Non-Race Name Effect
Race Concentration The higher this stat is the lower the chances the Race Mechanic will make a mistake during a pit stop.
Race Part Fixes Determines how fast a Race Mechanic will repair a part during a pit stop.
Race Pit Stops Overall speed of changing tires and re-fueling the car during pit stops.
Non-Race Reliability The higher this stat, the bigger the daily bonus he can apply to Reliability during part improvement.
Non-Race Chemistry How fast your Mechanic will bond with your driver.
Non-Race Performance Same as reliability, the higher the stat, the bigger the daily bonus he can apply to Performance during part improvement.

Mechanics Bonuses Edit

Mechanics also have 2 random bonus they can apply when the relationship between the driver and his race mechanics grow. There are 20 different bonuses, each Mechanics will have 2 random assigned and will unlock the longer your Race Mechanic will work with your driver.

Engine Expert : Higher engine modes no longer impact condition

Sweeter Spots : The Sweet Spot in qualifying is bigger

Pit Stop Guru : Tyre Changes : Tyre changes are 50% faster

Pit Stop Guru: Refuelling : Refuelling is 50% faster

Lightfooted: Ultra Soft Tyres : Ultra Soft tyres wear more slowly

Lightfooted: Super Soft Tyres : Super Soft tyres wear more slowly

Lightfooted: Soft Tyres : Soft tyres wear more slowly.

Lightfooted: Medium Tyres : Medium tyres wear more slowly

Lightfooted: Hard Tyres : Hard tyres wear more slowly

Lightfooted: Intermediate Tyres : Intermediate tyres wear more slowly

Lightfooted: Wet Tyres : Wet tyres wear more slowly

Fuel Economy : Fuel burns more slowly, allowing the driver to use a higher engine mode.

Super Overtake Mode : An extra engine mode is unlocked - Super Overtake - allowing even more power, at the cost of a higher fuel burn and condition loss rate

Pit Stop Legend : All pit stop times are -1 second faster

Quick Fixes : Part condition fix times are 2x faster

Nurse : Car condition drops slightly slower

Push It To The Limit : Removes the red zone from car condition

The Sweetest Spots : The Sweet Spot in qualifying is much bigger

Risk Taker : Risky pit stops now only have a 10% mistake chance

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