The Headquarters is a significant part of Motorsport Manager, featuring numerous buildings that allow a team to either develop their car or aid the team as a whole. All teams start with a Factory and Design Centre, with higher level teams starting a new season with more buildings.

Building ListEdit

Below is a table featuring the basic stats of each building within the Headquarters, including intial building cost and maximum upkeep costs, upkeep stats are dependent on races per season so this may vary. The stats below represent a 16 race season.

Building Cost* Levels Upkeep At Max Level*
Factory N/A 4 -£293,000
Design Centre N/A 4 -£293,000
Brakes R&D Facility 8,000,000 3 -£136,000
Handling Development Centre 3 -£123,000
Simulator 3 -£116,000
Telemetry Centre 3 -£116,000
Test Track 3
Wind Tunnel 3 -£113,000
Forecasting Centre £6,000,000 3 -£118,000
Scouting Facility £2,200,000 3 -£126,000
Staff Centre £5,750,000 3 -£118,000
Helipad £750,000 1 -£5,000
Tour Centre 1 +£50,000
Road Car Factory £65,000,000 1 +£938,000
Theme Park £100,000,000 1 +£1,250,000
  • * Values do not change based on currency used.

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